Pet Nursing

Subcutaneous fluid administration:

This can be performed on cats and dogs alike. Your veterinarian would prescribe sub-q fluids(fluids administered under the skin). This aids in comfort and can extend life in the occurrence of kidney disease, cancer, chronic vomiting or diarrhea, as well as severe constipation, etc.. If your Veterinarian sends fluids home with you for your pet, they will send home fluid lines as well as administration needles. Here at TWC we can help with administration of fluids if for any reason you are unable to administer them yourself.

Anal gland expression:

This process is often needed in smaller dogs, however it’s not necessarily always the little guys/girls. Normally, anal glands are expressed when animals(generally dogs) have a bowel movement. The feces moving through the rectum then anus causes the anal glands to be automatically expressed. There are numerous reasons this doesn’t happen naturally for some dogs. Pups with this issue can be helped in their own homes.

Suture removal/bandage changes:

All animals need medical attention from time to time! At any given time, pets can need help where surgical intervention is needed. There are times when Veterinarians do not need to be part of the recheck process, sometimes they do need to be or want to be. Pets can avoid travel and remain in their home with as minimal stress as possible. Veterinarians always need to be aware of all procedures and notes taken during this situation. Prior to seeing your pet you and Angela will have a discussion about procedures done and Veterinarians involved.

There will be times when Veterinarians do not burry sutures or use absorbable sutures and want to see your pet back. However, this isn’t always the case, in which Angela is happy to help.

Pet Nursing